Newborns And Baby Photography In Christchurch

A newborn brings a lot of happiness to the family, along with the excitement that’s hard to contain. Cherish every moment while your little bundle of joy is still little. They grow so fast….

Maria Buhrkuhl Photography has been providing baby photography in Christchurch now for many years. These babies are now adorable toddlers, visiting Maria again to have new artworks made now that they, and their families have grown.


Live, Laugh, Love…Remember them as they were, as they are now, & glimpse who they will become. Honour your children with beautiful visual memories of them in newborn images and photographs as they grow.

Baby Photography Christchurch

Maria takes immense care with babies and makes sure their comfort is never compromised. Having two children of her own, Maria has hands on experience and is always patient and gentle when it comes to handling and positioning babies. She believes that baby safety and comfort is imperative in every photographic session.

Maria Buhrkuhl Photography is known for capturing timeless moments and creating stunning artworks of babies for Christchurch families. Winning awards with her images and her experience as a photographer in Christchurch has established Maria as a leading photographic artist. Maria continues to create some of the best baby photography in Christchurch. Check out the Baby Photography portfolio and see the quality for yourself.

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” Maria was so calm with my new born grandson. He wasn’t settling but she was so patient.” – ” Maria was non obtrusive and help me relax in turn helping my son to relax” – Jadah Pitama & Melanie Taite