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Studio photography with a gorgeous teenager

July 8, 2017
Studio Photography can be for any age from only a few days old to a nearly a whole century lived. Studio Photography is for every age and stage in life. Emily came along to the Christchurch portrait studio for a studio photography session. This session was about totally celebrate her as a young woman. She Read more

Baby Photographs – One Year Old

December 14, 2016
We met at our pre-organised place for the Autumn Park session in central Christchurch. Even though it was pretty much winter, we had picked a warm and sunny day for this sibling and baby photographs session. We walked, not far, to the first spot I had in mind for our first photographs. This gorgeous baby Read more

Family Portrait Photography in the Park – Christchurch

November 11, 2016
When you become a mother or a father you are in this role forever. Even when your kids are all grown up – leaving home for the first time, going off to university, on their OE or getting married – you are still their Mum and they are still your child. It’s just another stage, Read more

Printed Artifacts

June 25, 2016
Why Print? Why not? Photographs are not photographs if they are not printed. They are a musical score that has never been played. A Chefs dinner that has never been tasted. Their true beauty is in the tangible image printed where the true image can be viewed, held and experienced. I am forever coming across Read more

Natural Portraits for Baby Dane

June 12, 2016
Natural Light, Colours, Poses Baby Dane was welcomed into this world earlier this year. Dane was in his first two weeks and discovering what life is about out of the comfort of Mum’s tummy. Like most babies at this time, he still preferred to be wrapped up cosy and tight. Such a  perfect little boy, Read more

Photographs of your family

May 4, 2016
Should you get your family photographs taken by a Professional or Friend? Deciding to have professional family photographs taken is a big decision for some. Just as much as you want to take your car to a certified mechanic, or your child to be taught by a trusted and trained teacher, it would make sense Read more

The Fairy Party

February 12, 2016
The no.4 birthday party had finally arrived. Counting down sleeps and asking what day it is had gone on for the past week. Now this special day had arrived. Little friends arrived with carry little gifts, the anticipation ripe in the air. And then…..a wonderful fairy arrived. Silence prevailed, the giggles faded an the little Read more

Remembering 2015

December 28, 2015
Remembering the people and the moments. It’s always a special time of year when you can have a chance to reflect and reminisce on the year that was before launching into the coming year. Remembering all the special families you have had the pleasure of meeting and working with is an important time for a Read more

Surprise Wedding

December 24, 2015
Everyone loves a Surprise Wedding Jaye and Ra got engaged and were talking about a wedding overseas somewhere in the resort life of the Pacific Islands. But life got in the way and a plan was hatched to make their spring engagement party one all their guests would remember forever. In about a month they Read more

Flowers in my Garden

December 5, 2015
The observer, the investigator, the discoverer, the interpreter… and the artist. I look out my kitchen window at the same beautiful flowers every morning. The vibrant colour just makes my soul sing. They are my favourite flowers in my garden at the moment. How long they will last, I don’t know. They were there last Read more

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