Celebrating your pregnancy

Your pregnancy is such a precious & special time. Even if it hasn’t been the smooth sailing, glowing and glorious experience that we all see on the movies. Most of us are not blessed with this dreamy feeling and the joy can be over taken by reflux, hip pain, sore swollen feet and many other uncomfortable ailments. But through all the issues of being pregnant we ultimately know that we are growing and nurturing a wee life that will be uniquely ours. The experience of feeling and watching your body change and grow is awesome and will ultimately make us respect the capabilities of our bodies for the rest of our lives. For each child it is a nine month journey of new discovery as each child grows differently and our bodies respond to each pregnancy in a different way. it is a special moment for all and it is a time to cherish. Even if it was so hard at times and really ‘sucked’ for some of us, it was also an ultimately beautiful time. We will all look back on this time with unique loving views as it was a moment that symbolises the new life that we were creating.

I photographed Angela at the end of her second pregnancy. Her first child had arrived into the world ahead of time so she missed out on the pregnancy photo session with baby no 1#.  I just had to add some of the images in this blog of her baby Eva at 4 months and 1 year old. What a wonderful beautiful baby daughter.