Clearwater Resort Wedding

Introducing Megan and Brendon at Clearwater Resort

The perfect romantic wedding was about to happen….It was a beautiful September day, one of those days with the crisp ‘still winter’ morning but the sun greets you with glowing warmth by midday.  Megan and Brendon were having their wedding ceremony at the gorgeous Clearwater Resort on the outskirts of Christchurch. These two have made a wonderful life together and their long awaited wedding was a beautiful & memorable event to celebrate all that they have together now and in their future. Their ceremony was moved to the inside location due to the threat of rain and the chill still lingering in the air, but this didn’t phase Brendon or Megan. It was all about making their day the best experience for their wedding guests. The rain held out and beautiful sun rays shone behind them through open doors for their tender heartfelt vows. Charlie was a star and moved around the ceremony effortlessly and with blissful enthusiasm. The rain came later which meant ‘The Library’ was the location for photographs of the Bride and Groom.
The day was perfect.  –See our Wedding Photography Portfolio.

Christchurch wedding photographer
Christchurch wedding photography