Family Treasures

Family portraits last forever. Rare treasures that will be handed down through the generations, studied and loved by your grandchildren and their grandchildren…. These are two family portraits our family had done when I was very young. I remember them always hanging on our walls in the family home. They have faded a lot now, but they will always be an important visual of our family history, our togetherness (or not), cues for family memories, and where we are from. Seeing ourselves when we were young, when it was different time and different era is intriguing but gives me so much grounding for my memories and who I have become today.
I’ve got these portraits hanging on my wall in my own home now. I find myself glancing at them a few times each day as I move round the house in my busy life of working and looking after two young children. I see them and  I feel connected to my past and feel warmth and hope for the present. My children love to look at them and see me as a baby, their Uncle Daren as a little boy. Their much adored Grandma at the same age that they now know me. My children can see their Grandad whom they never had the chance to meet. They can have a sense of who came before them, their place in this family and the history of which they are now a crucial part.
For me these portraits are treasures. We will have them restored if we can back to their natural vibrance and colour. Today their are advanced methods and digital technologies for the improved archival qualities for photographic prints. Prints on canvas are available. Archival papers, museum grade mats and UV glass are all options for framed prints.
Digital files are always at risk of corruption or loss. All it takes is a hard drive to stop working, or be lost in a move, and beautiful memories will be lost forever. I’m sure you have all heard of at least one person this has unfortunately happened to. Backing digital files up on multiple hard drives is imperative.
Having family portraits stored on a hard drive does not compare to the positive emotions, the warmth and the joy that my children and I feel as we glance at them while moving forward in our day to day lives.

family portrait photographs

My Family Portrait 1976

Family Portrait photography

My Family Portrait 1982