Girls – Remembering them in Photographs

How important is it to remember your girls as children – pre-teen – before they become fully fledged teenagers and young women with all the weight of their adult future hanging on them?

In photos we are lucky enough to still see; remember their determination, their fading innocence and a treasured glimpse of who they will be as they move into women-hood. Who have we raised them to be?
Which strengths have we nurtured in them and which ones have they developed all on their own accord because this is inherent to their individual character.
What character traits are you most proud of in your pre-teen girl?
Who will they become?

Zaya & Harper are 11

They are sisters. These images are now apart of their history and the history of the family that will come after them. Their strength and determination, love for each other and their beauty will be felt by those who see these images of them whether it be tomorrow or in 100 years.