Family Portrait Photography in the Park – Christchurch

When you become a mother or a father you are in this role forever. Even when your kids are all grown up – leaving home for the first time, going off to university, on their OE or getting married – you are still their Mum and they are still your child. It’s just another stage, just like all the other stages you have been through with them as they grow and develop. You will need to evolve and shift just like you have before. Let go of the reigns, take a few steps back (even more). They will still need you, need your support and your love, it may just be in a different capacity. There may be others who step in and are reached out to and needed before you, but you still need to be in the background, available and open.

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Julia had all her children back at home for the first time in a long time. Each had moved on with their lives and some lived far from home. But for Mother’s Day she wanted a portrait photo session with all her children together as they would all be back in the same city again to celebrate the youngest child’s 21st birthday.

A beautiful Autumn Day in the park behind Julia’s home was the perfect setting. Even Julia’s much loved dogs were going to sit in on some of the photographs. This was a celebration of family, of togetherness, connection and strong family bonds. As the family members grow the people considered as part of this special family expands, new relationships develop and evolve.

A marriage proposal the next day was on the cards for one of Julia’s sons.  Julia and husband Mike took the opportunity to have photographs together, along with her son and soon to be finance. Julia wanted photographs of just her and her loved dog. Fun, laughter, memories and connectedness was experienced and I had the immense pleasure and privilege to work with this wonderful lively family and catch a glimpse for a while of their deep connection, support and love for each other.

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