Professional Family Portrait Photographers in Christchurch

Every day we create special family moments that don’t linger for long, but you wish you could hold on to them forever. As time goes on, and we all grow older, these moments change and our relationships mold into something new and unique. Portrait photography is the best way to seize those connections and special moments when they are happening before the family grows too fast and we lose them forever.

Family Photography

Live, Laugh, Love… Remember your greatest success in life through family photography and printed Artworks. Celebrate the similarities, the uniqueness, the connections, the love. Celebrate your family relationships with beautiful family portraits in Christchurch. Create Artworks that make you fall in love again everytime you pass them on the wall. Fall in love with your family, your connections and the life that you have created.

Couples – Forever Photography Sessions

Reconnect and fall in love all over again with the love of your life. Let me take you through a photographic experience where you remember what made you fall in love with each other. Give the gift of time, of celebration and of connection to the one you love. Give the gift that will last forever.

Professional Portrait Photographers Christchurch

Looking for professional portrait photographers in Christchurch? You have definitely arrived at the right place.

My years of experience as a portrait photographer has given me a myriad of opportunities to connect with a wide range of people, young and old, who have all been the loveliest of characters. No two families or couples are the same. I have had the opportunity to perfect my art as a professional photographer. While my photographs speak volumes as artworks and images of you, it’s the personal service and the friendly environment that makes working with Maria Buhrkuhl Photography a truly enjoyable and satisfying experience.

What makes me different from other professional portrait photographers in Christchurch?

As an award winning photographic artist, I offer top quality beautiful imagery in either a studio or location setting of your choice. I work with you to choose the best environment for your portraits right through to creating the perfect finished stunning artworks ready to showcase in your home with family and friends.

There’s no better time for a family portrait. Whether it’s a little one’s birthday party, a significant gathering, or because you want to celebrate you or your family as they are right now. It’s so easy to procrastinate, and push it down the list of things that are important to get done because life is so busy. Trust me, I know the feeling! Don’t let celebrating all the good things in your life pass you by….

Studio Portrait Photography

Maria Buhrkuhl Photography provides you with different options for your professional Portrait photography experience. Studio portrait photography is an option for particular styles of artwork or for individuals and families where being inside is easier than an outdoor location. The studio can cater to both natural light photography or professional studio lighting. Our expertise in both studio and natural lighting means we can create the perfect environment for you in our studio based in Christchurch.

Call now to discuss your ideas and book your appointment for portrait photography in Christchurch. Alternatively, you can fill out the online contact form and I’ll get back to you to chat about options. I’d love to hear from you.