Children & Teenagers

 Children – Connect with them, Celebrate with them, Dream with them….

I want you to remember the unique & wonderful connections you have with each of your children. Remember who they are now and let them dream of who they will they become.

Children feel a sense of belonging and positive self perception of themselves when they see themselves on the walls of their family home.

Award-winning Christchurch portrait photographer Maria Buhrkuhl will photograph and create heirloom artworks of your growing children for you to connect and remember them for many years to come.

Any stage of your child’s life is important and significant. Popular times for parents and Grandparents to have Artworks created of their children are  – leaving preschool, starting school, birthdays, graduating a school level – Junior School to Intermediate, starting high-school, finishing and achieving exams, school balls/dances, Graduating high- school, starting University, moving away from the family home, going overseas, getting a first job. There may be other significant moments or events when you want to celebrate and remember your children and teenagers.